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People born under the DUCKS FLY MOON are the RAVEN/ CROW PEOPLE. They entered their earth time during the first moon of EPINGISHMOGE, The Spirit Keeper of the West and The Father of the Winds. People born during the moons of The West (EPINGISHMOGE),are influenced by the Winds of the West with its animal totem the Grizzly Bear, the plant ally/ totem is Sage (Mshkodewashk), the season is Autumn (Dwaagig), the time of the day is Sunset, and the influencing colours are Blue and Black (Mkadewaa). The powers of EPINGISHMOGE are Strength and Introspection.

RAVEN/ CROW PEOPLE’S specific totems/ allies associated with their birth moon The Duck’s Fly Moon are-- plant ally/ totem is MULLEIN. Their mineral ally/ totem is RED (BLOODSTONE) JASPER. They have an affinity to the colour BROWN. They are members of the ELEMENTAL CLAN of the BUTTERFLY (Element of Air). Raven/ Crow people are compatible with Elk/ Owl, Deer, and Sturgeon/ Salmon people. They compliment Red Hawk/ Falcon people who are opposite them on the Medicine Wheel. Like the Raven and Crow these people are group orientated and do not like their own company for long. They are very much concerned with the welfare of others. Raven/ Crow people are great communicators, who enjoy conversation for it’s own sake. They are friendly and comfortable in most situations, and can help others feel at ease. They are somewhat of a trickster, and have to ensure their antics do not backfire on themselves. They need to make important decisions in a timely and decisive manner, and not to change their minds so quickly and easily. They are constantly trying to find the correct balance in their lives and will often go to extremes to find the mid-point of balance to bring greater harmony into their lives.

Otter People Aquarius, Sturgeon /Salmon People Leo,
Cougar / Wolf People Pisces. Brown Bear People Virgo
Red Hawk / Falcon People Aries. Raven / Crow People Libra.
Beaver People Taurus. Snake People Scorpio.
Deer People Gemini. Elk /Owl People Sagittarius
Flicker People(Woodpecker) Cancer, Snow Goose People Capricorn


Life goes in a Circle, a Medicine Wheel. Medicine means power and the Circle is Harmony. Us humans are part of the Great Medicine Wheel of Creation, but not the only part. The plants, the minerals, the four legged, the winged ones, the creatures in the waters, the Spirit Keepers, the Powers of the Directions, the times, the seasons are also part of the Great Circle. We are their relatives and they are ours. Together, we have been placed on our common Earth Mother to learn harmony with each other and the Great Spirit, the Creator.

The time we chose to be born, determines the traits, gifts, and talents we begin with on our personal circle. It determines our Elemental Clan, those two-legged we compliment, those with whom we are compatible, and our special relations in the mineral, plant, and animal kingdom.

To become complete we must travel the circle learning all we can about all our relatives in Creation.

-Hsotha Petre
Grandfather Peter

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Comment by Turquoise on October 20, 2010 at 11:33
Thanks again willy for posting husband is libra and the descriptions fit his personality exactly.

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