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I have had people ask again about the possibility of walk-ins or soul-braids happening to them or their Twin-Flames and they want to be clear on how it works and what it means. Below is the best way I can explain it all and why these processes are utilized in order to make sure that the reunions happen for Humanity's good. 
Walk-in souls: one soul leaves the physical body and agrees to allow another soul to come into it and take over. This has to be agreed upon, but is often agreed by the souls before even coming into this life, and permission of the highest self is all that is needed, so the physical body at this time wouldn't need to be asked. Some are done when a person reaches their goals for this life & want to experience something else. Sometimes it is when the soul decides this world is too difficult and wants to go back up and rethink it. Sometimes, like with Twins, it is when the one soul has reached a point where it cannot seem to grow further or reach the point they intended to to fulfill the mission. One soul comes in at birth and stays til a designated time or until the soul in body asks for help, then the other soul comes in for the remainder. This can typically be accompanied by a serious illness like cancer, so walk-ins often have a major illness. Walk-ins often come in during a serious trauma (car accident, near-death exp., terminal illness, coma, etc.). One of the gals that used to do blogtalk radio shows with me died New Years Day 2012 as a walk-in with severe cancer. The show creator knew her before and after. There are many changes and some memory loss, loss of childhood memories, may not recognize those around them, may not resonate with the same people anymore, etc.
Soul-Braids: When a person needs help, a soul braid can be sent down, which is a higher being or their higher self coming down and braiding with the soul to get them through the transition and where they need to be in their mission and then the braid leaves and goes back up. This is considered the most courageous task to undertake of all and is quite complicated. The current soul may not want the other there or may pull on the energy too much, or the braid may pull too much, and there can be disagreement about what is to be done. It's almost like having you & your shadow, and can be like having this argument between 2 people going on in your head.
The third way that Spirit can handle this: there may be a sudden loss of a loved one/loved ones; loss of money or material things/wealth; dramatic changes in life; loss of gifts and abilities, especially if being used not in the highest good of all; something to take them out of the ego-based reality that has them stuck. This sounds like a hard thing here, but when people remain stuck, don't do what they came here to do, or cannot grow something has to be done. Sudden losses or changes often snap a person out of the issues they are wrapped up in so they can see the big picture. Many wealthy people that have lost everything and end up really great people have had this happen, but now they are wealthy in the soul instead of in material things. Any loved ones that leave the physical plane are ones that choose to leave at that time for the purpose of helping the other, or already had contracted to leave at that time.
When Spirit told me all this, I was then instructed to relay the message to my Twin about the 3 options. He was told that one of the 3 would happen and in a short time, like Spring 2012. The message was given Dec. 20. 2011. The walk-in was most likely at the time & I was told about a man that was near me, in his heart, and how he looked. I didn't want that because not only do I love my current Twin dearly and have met several times, but my children have met him and love him, so my situation is complicated. I asked them to do something different. Last Easter both his parents passed away 2 days apart from each other and he was emotionally distraught. The intent was for this to bring him into his heart & turn him toward me, but it back-fired. He turned to the friend that manipulated him while vulnerable to think he's there for him and pulled him further from me.
Keep in mind that this "friend" is the one that has been throwing black magic attacks and death curses at me, my children, and my Twin. Right after we met and were due to reunite that December, this guy paid someone to call him & threaten him to stay away from me or they would hurt my kids. Gary adores children & will do anything to protect them, so he stayed away. He didn't know this guy set-up the threat & sabotaged everything I've said and done for 4 1/2 years. Now, the guy who called in the threat has passed & we know who paid him, Gary knows about the black magic & such, he knows the guy has tried to kill us and even him, but the guy has manipulated his way into every aspect of Gary's business. He can't legally fire him as he has rights to some of it, and he must be careful not to set the guy off. Spirit has said that the guy will be leaving the physical plane & that's the only way to remove him from Gary's life, but that has also been delayed. It was supposed to happen last Sept. 9th. When he realized that I kept removing every spell, etc. he tried to drive up here to physically kill me, but Spirit stopped him & the 2nd time Gary stopped him. I have a tremendous amount of protection.
Even realizing that all this is why Gary was not stepping into the relationship, there is some part of it that he allowed. Even if all was removed, I don't know that he would step into it without further issues. That is why Spirit is trying to help him, but haven't completely taken down his business or anything. If he had control of his own money, he would be using it to help people. He allowed others to take over things and control his life & has to learn not to depend on them.
After a tough year & more delays, the subject came up again & I found out that as his Twin & the same Highest Self, I can request the soul-braid for him & was told who to request. He is now soul-braided with Christ & I can feel him again. The dark forces still interfere with our reunion and even our telepathic connection at times, so we have to watch when we connect.
Because there are so many delays right now and so many Twins that are not stepping into the relationship yet, these possibilities are becoming more common and likely. Their higher selves and ours already agreed before coming into this life to do whatever was necessary & in the highest good, so the door is wide open for it to be handled. Knowing this, there are some who may choose to willingly give up the "person" that their Twin's soul is int and ask that a walk-in be done. It is a choice we can make so we can move forward. We must remember that these bodies are just physical avatars and the part we love, connect with, and feel is the soul within. When the soul transfers to another, all the immediate attraction and feelings of profound love also transfer to the other. We don't want to get ourselves attached to the body or looks of the person. They look like this in this life; in other lives they looked many other ways, as did we. What is important is for the souls to reconnect and unite. Like I said, my situation is different. The offer was on the table, and I let it pass. For those who don't have children, or have children that have never met their Twin, this could work out very well. We also have the ability to rewrite our soul contracts at any time, but one must be very careful doing so. Only what is in the highest good should ever be done or allowed. Your higher selves are in control with god over what gets changed, what prayers get answered, and what will happen because we often don't really know what is truly best for us. Anyone who feels that one of these options may be best for them should meditate and pray on it heavily and ask Spirit to guide them as to what is the best solution. It could be that your relationship needs to be left alone & the other will come into it; others may just need some help or interference removed; then again a few may truly need to have a walk-in or braid done in order for the mission to get fulfilled at all. I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please ask.
Love, Light, & Blessings

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Dear Brenda;

As I said for another post, this article "resonates" with me, thank you so much for your courage and wisdom!!  I really feel the times in which we live are very accelerated, complicated and  as you say, with much interference.  I am learning that the Counter forces are extremely active, while although well intentioned,  some of the Lightworkers have gone to sleep, I believe we are meant to be very alert, awake and DISCERNING on this path.  The Dark/Black Magicians are being exposed even in the mass media, this is not some "airy fairy" belief, these forces are real. You have posted some "spiritual antidotes" so thank you so much for this!!  Deep love as in the Twin Flames are what the dark magicians working through people do not want at any cost.  Not to emphasize the Dark Ones overly but I know in my own path of Spiritual Initiation into wakefulness I was so attacked every single time I had a window of Light.  I found your article to be very enlightening, so again thank you for your sharing!!


Thanks so much, Tara, for your response. I'm so glad that you have found it helpful and that these discussions resonate with you. The sooner we learn what is really going on and what the interference is, the sooner we can remove it and move forward. I feel you are unfortunately right about many of the light-workers going to sleep. Many are also fearful to even accept that the dark ones exist as they think it gives power away. Some see it as not taking responsibility for our own stuff, but it is quite the contrary. Only through true understanding and knowledge can we hope to step totally enough into our power and be responsible for helping remove that which is holding up the entire ascension process for all. This is all about taking responsibility, just in a different way than they are accustomed to. We talked much about this on my radio show last night. Blessings in abundance to you!!



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