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This is the discussion by Karenann, who is the foremost authority on Twin-Flames and who taught me about it. She can help clarify some things.

Twin Flames…they are a paradox of this reality we live in. A Twin Flame is part of dreaming, feeling, yearning for this magick of Love inside you in every night’s mystical whisper and every bird’s chirp of song in daylight, with the rumble in the pit of your stomach waiting to be totally intoxicated with this Love to be present in your life. It is part of the person I am as Karenann, as it is part of who you are –

There is a list of many possibilities people go through to determine if someone is your Twin Flame. I am here to say, when you “truly” meet your Twin Flame in this time-line, you do not need a check list. You simply know – you know in your heart – you know in your connection to each other – you know in your soul and in your connection to Spirit “attuned” with theirs -- you know because they rest in every atom that is you and that is part of this Universe – you know because it is the first person you truly resist because you are naked before them in who you are without restraint for the all of you to be shown. So, you do not need a list of checkmates.

I know much of Twin Flames, not because I read it in a book or Google (d) the term to my hearts desire to find answers – I know of them because I have breathed the very essence of what they represent in my Awakened Heart since a wee little girl. The term Twin Flames came to me rather randomly one day in my poetic rhymes of Love written; only to realize they were a term used often though-out human history.

Twin Flames are eternal, they are the Lovers of this world seeded here as the father and mother of various soul groups -- to Ignite the Hearts of all our souls in unity to become a Being of Intelligent Heart -- in its Enlightened Wisdom to be a Conscious Being of Light and Thought. Twin Flames are the Hearts of this world of souls on Earth, being part of every single heartbeat of all that has been loved and unloved trying to restore the balance. They are people shaped like Hearts in its greatest analogy and there is no accident when they re-unite.

We can see when two people are about to fall in love and also when they are about to part and move onto their next journey of Love. We can see who is destined to meet their Twin Flames in this life and who is meant to simply connect to the Energy of the Flame in Spirit to unite their polar opposites of “who they are” to become a ball of Absolute Love in Truth. We can feel the pains of this world in their cries from within and see the truths they deny – It’s a beautiful gift to feel Love everywhere in you and in every living thing, even with the pains incurred at times.

ALL can bathe in this miraculous feeling if they allow themselves to surrender to just Love, connecting to the Inner Flame – nothing else. No dramas, no debate, no victimization, no blame and no excuses. Ignite Your Inner Flame to feel the “we” in the everything that is you AND Become a person breathing, transformed into the one absolute beyond all manifestations – Pure Love.

We are going to stress this misunderstanding many are being illusioned into – not all of us are meant to meet our Twin Flame in this time-line and hold this intense and often difficult relationship in constant evolution with each other. We are not planted here in this world to tell people what they want to hear or cater to the possibility of “I want to meet my Twin Flame”, attitude.

Many because they attach soul mate, companion mate and divine partnerships to Divine Flame Relationships have missed very important factors – becoming illusioned by the game of Love itself.

** The Flame/ The Flames Energy is inside you – The Flame Energies many Twin Flames Speak of are the connection to the All of what we are to attain in our own beings -- to evolve into a person of Absolute Love and to shift into this energy field known as Higher Love. To move out of individualism and move into a state of “we”. You must first connect to the Energy of your Flame and Ignite that Flame in you – become the purity of Love connected to the source of truth, to even be able to harmonize with the ultimate Divine Partner, never-mind meet your Twin Flame and be harmonious in nature.

** It doesn’t occur to people that Twin Flames are not about having this perfect, ideal partner to build and have a loving relationship with – they are here on mission to heal within each other the many karmic pains in their surrounding soul groups in each other. There is a responsibility attached to Twin Flame reunions – it is simply not just about raising, having family and having this ultimate connection with one person. You can have this ideal partner relationship with a Divine Soul Mate, not simply your Twin Flame.

Focus on the aspect of you to embrace having a Divine relationship with first! Then the possibility of an ideal Divine Soul Mate to engage in life with, maybe a Twin Flame. You cannot even have a harmonious relationship with another being if you are not within the purity of love felt in yourself and living with ulterior motives attached to True Love.

** The Why and IF a Twin Flame reunion is destined to meet and merge into each others energies IS something in your soul, your memory you have been attached to for many years prior connecting to this Complimented Energy in preparation for your meeting. Messages have been given to you in exchange with each other in Spirit when you connect to the Divinity. This is why no question is present or check list as to “knowing truth” if you have met your Twin Flame. You have already been in a constant relationship with them since you were born preparing for this meeting, as the Universe aligns all in order for this meeting to take place. Twin Flame relationships cannot be forced, they must have freedom!

** IT must occur to people that your Twin Flame may be a 6 year old child on the other side of the world for that matter – If even; your complimenting Flame Energy exists in physical form right now to be able to meet them. Twin Flames is ALL about connecting to the Energy of Love within you – connect to this and then you have your truth.

We cannot understand for the life of our little hearts beating why this is so difficult for us to embrace as human beings – except for the mere fact of reasoning we desire this ultimate higher love to share with another person and we are so attached to physical senses to realize Twin Flames move beyond the physical senses.

TAKE personal responsibility for loving yourself and stop looking for or forcing Love to be present in its free-flowing nature Pure True Unconditional Love is supposed to be…let go and surrender you to yourself in humility. Humility defined as humble, unassuming in nature, modesty, gentleness.

Grace of love in finding our own sustainability in the essence of love knocking at our doors:)
by Karenann Whelan of Universal Heart To Soul World Center

Love, Light, and Blessings, Brenda

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What happens when the twin flames first meet in the physical realm when each is in a happy marriage with a different partner, and only one of them KNOWS they are twin flames?
Hello, XYZ! that is wonderful, too, if you meet this way. Meeting your Twin in the physical does not mean you are intended to reunite with them in this lifetime. You were brought together for a reason, but not necessarily for that purpose. If you are both happily married, then you would leave that part alone, and concentrate only on the mission and spiritual connection. You can, if you wish, carefully broche the subject with the other Twin and explain that while you are aware that they are your Twin-Flame and want them to be aware of what it means, that you can both work together in another way without it interupting their personal lives. They may understand the term, and they may not. If you just tell them that you both are soul-mates or deeply connected, they may get the wrong idea. If they understand the spiritual aspects and mission of Twins, they may not feel as threatened. It is best to keep it as a friendship, and if there is any physical draw that Twins usually have, don't spend time alone together unless in public. A person can be very happily married, but the intense and overwhelming energy draw of twins can take over in a heart-beat. If you are both on a spiritual path, you can learn to connect telepathically and perform spiritual work together without being together down here at all. I would guess that is why you two met at all. If not on the path, or the other isn't, then it may have been only for you to be aware of the fact that we have Twin-Flames, all of us. if you are on the path and the other isn't, you can use the Twin prayer in the discussions to connect and provide support for them for their own spiritual growth. When Twins are not to reunite in that lifetime, they often pick and send soul-mates or partners to the other to make them happy. Your Twin always wants you to be happy. You may have chosen the partners for each other intentionally through your Higher Selves and not even know it. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Love, Light, and Blessings, Brenda
You almost sound like me, Rosa! I know it can be very confusing at times, and the confusion can seem to drag on for long periods of time, but you must believe that there is a reason why you two met and were brought into each other's lives. You were brought together for a reason. Having the strength to end one relationship that isn't going anywhere is just one advantage. God and the Twin-Flame love gives us the strength to tackly and accomplish even the hardest tasks that we otherwise would have not done. I would have continued to stay in my marriage and be miserable and unloved without this, and you probably would have to. Having met them does not mean you will reunite right away. You need time to completely separate from the husband, or get a divorce, and have time to heal yourself. He also needs time to decide about his relationship and heal from it. We are not allowed to reunite until both Flames are ready, and when the emotional healing has been done. Have you talked to God or spirit and asked if you two are supposed to reunite in this lifetime? Meeting your Twin in the physical doesn't mean you will reunite in this life; I was told by God that we would. Sometimes it takes years for you both to move away from current situations and heal and move on in your lives. You need this time to get whole in yoursself and grow spiritually, because a Twin relationship is the highest, but also the hardest. If you are not whole and strong, you wouldn't be able to handle the intense energies and the difficulties. Trust me when I say that the fact that he's famous will complicate it some, too. Gary is also famous, and though he is extremely spiritual, there is a certain amount of ego and control that comes with fame and makes it hard for them to relinquish control and give in to the overwhelming energies. What will be will be. If you are meant to be together, you will be, no doubts, it is already written. Just have faith, be strong, and use this time to get independent and whole and into a new life. I can say this has been very hard on my kids, too, but they'll be o.k. When we finally get the grandest prize, all the confusion and pain will be so worth it we will wonder why we were so upset. My biggest problem is that I miss him so much. If you both are not on a spiritual path, that needs to be worked on. If you don't have a spiritual relationship with him, that can and should be established by using the Twin Prayer. It is better if you can do this and connect and support each other spiritually first before joining. I hope this helps. Love, Light, and Blessings, Brenda
Yes, I know what you mean. I miss him, but it's also like he's always here. He just has such an amazing presence and awesome energy. He lights up a room like no one I know of. Gary is very inspiring to women as well, and gives us the strength to stand up and be who we really are. I understand how you feel when you separate. I feel the same. I want so much to see him, but after the show the separation anxiety is excruciating at best. I think they feel it too, cause I can feel a difference in his energy for about 3 days after. I can tell when he is sad or his energy is down. It is a most magical love and nothing in the world compares. Just hang in there. We have to remember that each and every day spirit is working behind the scenes to bring us together with them and help us with what we need to do first. Patience is indeed the hardest lesson of all at times like this. Love, Bren
That's cool, Rosa! I feel his energy all over, but more in the tummy like you said. I don't feel the communication is there though, it's in my head. I talk with him many times a day telepathically, and I talk with him in person whenever he comes to town for a show. The months in-between shows, I don't get to talk with him physically. he is very subtle, hence the Southern Gentleman in him, but has said enough and given indicators that he knows of and aknowledges the connection, feels the same way, and knows what Twin-Flames are. He always comes down off the stage after each show and gives me a hug, and he always asks about the kids and how they are doing. He says to tell them he misses them. One show he was much more open and affectionate, but last time he backed off just a little. I think the strong energies scare him, and he's afraid of what might happen if we get too close before it's time. It used to seem like I was a secret and he wasn't comfortable with people knowing about us, but now he seems just fine with it. If I post something on his wall on facebook or myspace, he leaves it there, but hides almost all others. I send him links to songs a lot, and he plays them before and after his shows. We are getting there, slowly but surely, and in time we will all be with them and living a blissful love and life. I'm very happy for you that he has told you how he feels and about the kids. Many Twin men won't acknowledge it at all for years. It is so wonderful to know that they love and accept the kids, too. Love, Bren
Hi, Angel Healer! I didn't state that everyone will find their's in this life, just that every person does have a Twin. Some believe that they don't have one at all, but they do. No, not everyone will reunite in this lifetime. Some of us older souls are in our last incarnation and are supposed to reunite with our's; others are not. The ones that are reuniting right now in this lifetime are in their last life and meant to. Most people will not find their Twins in this life, correct. Any one person that is spiritually aware and wants to can connect spiritually with their Twin, though. They can establish a spiritual bond and telepathic connection and lend support to each other this way.

The reason why there are so many on the planet right now is because of the great spiritual awakening, and the number of us that are in our last life is greater now than ever before. At previous times, there were not so many old souls that were ready, very few in fact. There are some things now that are different than they have ever been, though, and we must take that into consideration. This is a time that is unique for this planet and will never happen again. This is a mass awakening and ascension like none other in History. God knows who is ready & who isn't, and wants as many Twins in place to help as possible.

Some Twins are even reuniting in this life without having had to meet all the usual criteria. It is God's choice for the sake of humanity. We bring so much love and light with our Twins, and we need that present now to help. Although it is very true that extremely few Twins have reunited before or been on the planet at the same time, that is because we were not old enough souls yet, and now we are. A great many of us have reached that point now in this life, but the majority of the Earth's population will not. We already know our life purpose and that we were chosen, and chose ourselves, to come and be here at this time period to aid humanity. Many have their destinies without reuniting with their Twins, but many are reuniting as well.

The biggest issue is making sure that it is truly a Twin relationship and not a mock Twin, soul-mate, or karmic-mate. Many people now are hearing the term and believe that they have met their's when they haven't. That accounts for a good portion of the numbers we're seeing right now. That is why this post is here, to help people know if it is a Twin relationship or not.

Yes, there have been a great many lives in which we were not incarnate at the same time, and we have had many lives in different places, different times, or even in the same life, but as some other relationship (a child, a parent, a sister, a friend). Still, we are going to see more Twins come together at this time than ever before; that's a forgone conclusion, and I have gotten all my information from God, Angels, and ascended Twins, as well as other highly evolved beings. Arch Angel Michael IS a Twin-Flame, with Faith as his Divine Counterpart. Others do have a Twin out there, but not necessarily on this planet.

Love, Light, and Blessings, Brenda
Hello, Courtney! Good to hear from you. Yes, I would have to say it is highly likely that he is your Twin-Flame, but I can't say for absolutely positive. When I am pretty sure of something, but wish for a little more clarification, I use truth statements made to God & the Universe. You say out loud that you are making a truth statement and to please give you a definate response in warmth or cold. Truth always has a warm feeling and lies or untruths always have a cold chill. You would simply say out loud something like: "He is my Twin-Flame that comes to me in spirit." Then watch for the feeling you get. Then go the other way and say he is not and feel for the response. Early on when I wasn't sure of what was going on I did this. The first one I got a warm feeling. Then I followed it with the other, a mistake on my part, and I not only got a cold chill, but a very yucky aweful feeling followed by a big pain through my chest & heart, my chest tightened up, and couldn't breathe for a few seconds. I'll never do that again, but even though it was a bad feeling, it gave me an answer that I couldn't argue with at all. There was no doubt.

It is entirely possible for you to meet your's even being very young. I have taught students the meditations at 15 yrs. old and met their Twins when they opened up completely. If you have been told you're in your last life, then it is very possible. What you need to know is whether you'll be together in the physical in this lifetime or not. It is always possible for your Twin to visit you, comfort you, show affection, etc. from spirit whether they are incarnate on Earth right now or not. That doesn't mean you'll be together physically. I would pray about it and talk to Spirit and ask them that part. Your Divine Mission can be fulfilled either way, and you'll need to work on your own self and mission regardless. Believe me, I know how hard it is to concentrate and not have them take up every second of the day once we know who they are, but it will not come to us unless we are fully ready. Divine Timing will play heavily, and you need to be whole and balanced, and fulfilling your mission independently before you come together. He will need to do the same. It also doesn't mean that he is ready just because his higher self comes to you this way. Our Twin's higher selves are capable of this whenever, and we don't feel it or know until we are somewhat awakened, but his physical self may need time.

My Twin is an extremely gifted and evolved man, but still had things that needed healing down here, & was not ready for a relationship yet, and I had much work to do. We are getting much closer now, and will be together soon enough. He has literally had to know and watch as I transformed and grew, became independent, learned my gifts, began my work & Mission myself, and raise myself up to take my place where I am predestined to be. He cannot interfere with this, and only supports me spiritually with little response down here. It's required of him because if I knew everything he knows, they said it would interfere with my Mission. If you need help finding out what your gifts are and your path/Mission, I can teach you the meditations. They will open you up more completely, unlock your soul and DNA, and much more. Let me know if you would like help with this.

I do wish you tons of love and blessings on your path and on hopefully meeting your Twin. Be prepared energetically if you meet him in person. There are no words to describe it.

Love, Light, and Blessings, Brenda
Hi, Courtney!

I'm so glad to be of help to you. First of all, you need to stop worrying and thinking you may be wrong. If you know in your heart that it's him, then there lies your answer. The first thing we teach with the meditations is to trust your inner voice and not second-guess yourself. Just like with psychics, the first thought that comes into your head is the right one, and when you try to keep going back over it or rethinking it, that is when it gets messed up. Yes, it is his higher self that is communing with you in spirit. The Twin prayer is helping you both whether you see it in evidence or not, so keep it up. Don't worry further about the truth statements. Nerves will always alter the outcome of it. You have a strong enough inclination from the negative statement and the feelings from it. There is really no other reason why he would have initiated a spiritual connection with you if he wasn't your Twin. Strong soulmate connections can have some of the same characteristics, like the telepathic communications, but they don't usually initiate this spiritually first before ever meeting. This would be something that would develop after meeting a soul-mate to add to it. Your Twin is the one who loves you and supports you in spirit no matter where they are. I will send you a message so we can discuss the teachings.

Love, Light, and Blessings, Brenda
Hi! I have sent a message with some information for you. The connection you have with him spiritually/telepathically is what they mean by "in consciousness." The more you do this, especially full-heartedly and without doubts, the stronger your bond with him will grow. Try learning how to astral travel with him, and know that you can show affection this way, too. If you think about it, he'll feel it. He may respond energetically back to you. So much for private, unknown daydreams!! LOL Just keep on with what you're doing. I'm so glad you feel this is helping you out; it is my pleasure!! Love, Bren
Thank you for the work you do. I met my twin flame when I was 12 years old as a camper at summer camp. We were both born on a Tuesday nine months apart. I feel in my soul that I was with him on his journey to birth. The day he was being born I was conceived. Both our middle names are ancient hebrew names that mean "messengers of God." or "light of God" His middle name is also the name of a well known angel. His first name is the same name as my own flesh n'blood brother, a sign given to me from the very start of my life. As he is my "soul brother" so to speak. I am a Pisces Sun, he is a Pisces moon, which represents spirituality, the dream world, and our final incarnation. the sun and the moon work as mirrors of each other as do we. As teenagers we spent several years seeing each other, only once a year, for just a few brief and magical weeks. When we were together it was like time stopped,like no time had passed since we last saw each other, we had always been together, we both confirmed this feeling. We understood each other like no one else could. When we re-united physically we became inseperable. I remeber once in his arms a counselor at camp walked by and stared at us a look of shock in his face "You two! you look just like brother and sister or a married couple thats been together for a life time." We just laughed, but I have thought about that moment many times and realized that counselor, who is very evolved spiritualy, recognized us as twin souls and it startled him. When we kissed it was like fire ran through our bodies. We had an inexplicable closeness for years even if we would go months without talking. Sometimes the pain was so intense and we missed each other so terribly. He once stated to me several years ago that he wanted to "stop this constant need I have for you, lying in bed every night dreaming of the other wishing we could be together" Throughout the years in between our summer time we contacted each other often through e-mails and phone conversations. In the beginning we were both very curious, honest and open about the fact that we felt an undeniably strong connection that was purely ours and sacred. He once said It was "Like your own little secret." I developed another relationship with a man I am still dating today, who wants to marry me and build a life together. My twin on the other hand was not able to sustain long lasting relationships with other woman because "All he ever wanted was me." I wanted him too, but I was at first more capable of feeling him when I wanted and letting it go when I wanted, this dynamic changed entirely later on. Five years ago we attempted to be together finally and forever, during our senior year of high school we planned to end the separation. It was simply too strong and magical, us, we did not want to live without it. He lives across the country and in the same area as many of my family members so I was willing to move there for him finally putting an end to the obsession with each other that had haunted us both for years, "Words can not express how you complete me." I however was only 18 at the time and ignorant of twin flames and their purpose.I was not able to give up my boyfriend while I was waiting, I love him deeply always have and always will,he has been a support and guide for me, for years. I did not want to be alone, and the confusion was too much for my twin. When my twin did finally meet one of his soul mates he chose to separate from me on a level that has not been restored in this waking life yet. The loneliness was hurting him beyond what I could see. We ended our years of love and affection for each other with cruel words. I responded by flying across the country to fight for him, my ego blazing brightly the whole way, but my need and strong desire over-powered my ability to truly love him and let him go. I did not understand that I had all ready had years of a soul mate connection to learn from and he had not. He even told me this himself in different words. At the time I saw his separation from me as a betrayal, and I was beyond heartbroken. I could not see that it was my selfishness inflicting the pain. I could not set him free to explore and learn on his own. I used to feel angry and victimized feeling like I had been tricked for years. The thoughts of him did not stop, they never stop, but the awareness of him was tainted with anger hurt and loss. A couple years later we did re-unite again when I was staying with family in his home town, but he was so hurt by his previous relationship and I was blinded by my own desires. I could not see that what he really needed from me was to be his friend and help him through it, instead I took the fact that he was not ready for us, as a manifested committed relationship, as an insult. I was not mature enough to accept his polar destiny.My needs unleashed his fear. Lately things have changed between us I am more in love with this being then I can find words to express. He is still not ready to talk to me on this plane, but I dream with him almost every night. It started off as few and far between but now it is almost every single night I dream with him. Sometimes we talk on the phone for hours like we used too, other times we are at parties and he's on the other side of the room playing a hide and seek game with me, sometimes we laugh together tell each other jokes, share our lives our relationships, other times we just stare into each other's eyes, or simply hold each other. I see his name every day shooting out to me like fireworks reminding me that I have found him, I see 11:11 everywhere, everyday, reminding me that I have found him. I have done everything humanly possible to let him go, and I used to think I was going crazy loving someone this much who I no longer talk too, feeling this constant presence, memories cascading through my head. Sometimes I think of him or hear his voice in my head and I smile or laugh right out loud, other times I fall on the floor weeping so hard to the point where it feels like my heart just might burst right out of my chest. He is everywhere all the time, I can not escape it. I fought it off at times trying to rationalize, to talk myself out of it, this never works. I understand that meeting your twin flame is a gift of the highest order, yet I also can see why we are kept from them at times, and why so many people are not ready for this kind of intensity. If you meet your twin flame be prepared to sacrifice a normal life for the purification of your soul. Its unlike any other relationship you have ever known. It is the aching that shows us who we truly are, but it can be so overwhelming that we can not concentrate on the present work in our lives. I understand that our connection became too intense for him and that is why he had to stop talking to me on this plane. We needed to re-unite as our true selves, and our ego-based selves destroyed our relationship before. Even though he needs to be free, his higher self has made a greater effort now more then ever to contact me in my dreams and comfort me. It was haunting at first and so confusing, but I am beginning to see that it truly does make it easier for me. I have found that I must learn to love all of the precious soul-mates in my life, and I have a few, and must love them perfectly instead of making him the only love that matters, it is Love, it is an illusion to believe anything I am is not him too, therefor; those I love, and am in relationships with he Loves too, and it is right. I want to confirm that I am saying with out a doubt that he is my twin flame. I am always with him, and he is always with me. Knowing that is a big part of the battle, once I understood this answers began to come. My psychic awareness has expanded more then I ever could have dreamed. I have become extremely telepathic, dream about things before they happen, and can, as an empath,take the negative feelings of others and heal them in my body. These are skills that scare me, confuse me and at times get out of control but they continue to grow. I used to go back and forth in my head, until finally I decided to LOVE. We will unite again, and for eternity, in this human life, it is our last time in this human experience. I know this, I have no question. In the meantime I am forced to learn perfect love in patience, gentleness and peace, and have many more challenges to go through. I am no longer angry at my twin, I forgive him and I forgive myself. I no longer attempt to contact him, knowing he will return when he is ready. For those of you who are struggling with this phenomenon of the "Twin connection" Know that you are strong enough to let them go. You are strong enough to let go of all judgments and anger as a result of being sad about missing them. You have not lost them, and a limitless relationship on the astral plane of your dreams can be more meaningful and more true then a physical relationship here in this fixed and confusing reality. I have begun a contract of peace with my soul and I am grateful. I must focus on perfecting my body mind and spirit. Think of it as a game, just like my hide and seek game with him in our dreams. You are always together nothing will ever change that. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and for those suffering please know that you are un-locking your heart, tears are release and keys to freedom. Love infinitely, without conditions without need, and you will see that Love is what you are and always have been.
Thank you so much, Sweetie, for this amazing story and all the details that will help others so much in understanding it all. This is truly special and I know as you do that you two will come back together when the timing is right. God Bless you both and for sharing with us. Love, Light, and Blessings, Brenda

I became strongly aware of a man almost 5 years ago. He lives in the same city as me, and from all I have learnt, we are both very alike, yet very different. I had an instant sense that he was the one. The energy when near him was so powerful, I had a major struggle to control my desire to simply be near him all the time. It was so comforting. And from all accounts, initially, he was very excited on first seeing me, and told a lot of people about me, and his eyes shone. We are both on the autistic spectrum, and so the path has not gone smoothly, because after all this time, we have yet to truly make contact in the physical plane sense. We communicate telepathically. I have the most incredibly realistic dreams with him in, involving questions and discussions. There were so many synchronicities over the first years, that I started giggling about it. I  could walk out my door, and he would be walking along the end of the road, as an example.


But things changed. He has been alone for many years. He, like myself, has had a very difficult past. And he reacted after his initial joy, by becoming defensive, keeping a distance, and simply watching me and hovering, but doing everything he could to make sure I made no attempt to talk to him. He is very socially awkward. Anyway, this year things seem to be heating up. I keep hearing the question of 'where are you?' and he turns up within 5-10 minutes later. He hovers. He has taken to simply standing near me or looking at me, at times gazing in my eyes and it is like looking in a mirror, I cannot describe it. It is as if time just stops and it was that way the first time we made eye contact. We both froze for moments. He was nervous the very first time he looked at me. I have had many soulmates in my life, and none have come to close to the pure energy that seems to exist between myself and this man. It would take pages to go into the synchronicites, such as when we both turned up at the same place during a full lunar eclipse. We were both born on the 6th (myself May, he September).


I feel his emotions, I seem to live his emotions. When he is frustrated or angry, I live those emotions as well. I know when he is there, I simply feel it so strongly. I often feel him in the room with me, even  though he lives 15 minutes away. On a spiritual level, it is all there, but the wait is so long. I love him totally and unconditionally, and there is no explanation for that logically, because I loved him from the moment I was in his presence. I felt as if he was a part of myself, and that feeling is still there. I gave up on the idea of twin souls a long time ago, when I had made a common mistake, and presumed a strong soulmate connection must be 'the one' lol. I was very idealistic then.


But this, this does not even come close to that. It is on a level I have never experienced before. My initial instinct was, no doubt, this is it. I was so, so sure. But time has gone by. I have had doubts because of the way things have been progressing. And each time I try and step away, and try to move on from this connection, the synchronicities increase, or rather, I see him more, lol. or the dreams start coming, as if to tell me to not give up on this. I have had so many people telling to 'give up' or that I am wasting my time as he is a loner blah blah, And I cannot give up. Not totally. But, we have yet to really speak to each other or make the connection earthly/physical. And although I don't mind that, it bemuses me that he is clearly very aware and as drawn to be close to me, as I am to him, yet he cannot face taking the risk of speaking to me.


I cannot really fully describe the situation here as there is so much of it over such a long period, and neither of us reacts to situations or people in what might call an average way, lol. But any insight welcome, I think, especially if it comes from heart/intuition, rather than mind as I have grown a little tired of people using logic to try and explain the situation, and telling me that 'you can do better' and the like. My reply to them is 'no I cannot'. Because to me, he is the best.



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